New Technology

We use the latest in dental technology:

Itero 5D

Say goodbye to messy impressions! Itero 5D is the newest and the most technologically advanced intraoral scanner available today.

Ultra-quiet electric handpiece

Up to 50% less noisy and more effective than the traditional drill

Digital & Panorex X-rays

More accurate than the traditional x ray, will reduce radiation exposure up to 90%. Can also magnify image for better diagnosis.

Intraoral Camera

Enables better communication between patient and dentist. The patient will see what the dentist sees and have a better understanding of the conditions of the mouth.

Zoom Whitening

In-office teeth whitening system. Will whiten teeth on average up to 8 shades lighter in just 1 hour.

The Diagnodent

Cavities often times are too small to be detected by traditional x-ray and explorer. By using Diagnodent, Dr. Hong is able to find cavities years earlier resulting in smaller fillings.

Motorized Root Canal System

Using motorized hand pieces that results in more effective root canal than traditional systems.


Pain-less injection is possible with vibraject. Vibraject is a device designed to reduce the pain associated with dental injections.