COVID-19 Updates

Many have been asking about cleanings and we are open as of June 8th, 2020. Due to the pandemic and lack of childcare options we are short staffed. Please bear with us as we will do our best to get you scheduled as soon as we can. Cleaning and treatment appointments will be scheduled from our backlog and emergencies and then first come first served.

Our family and staff remained healthy while away from the office. The precautions we took will carry into our patient care. The office was open on an emergency basis throughout the pandemic, as we implemented a strict sterilization protocol based upon the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

You will notice some changes on our end, but it's to ensure everyone's safety and protection!

We have listed some of the protocols that you will experience when you have your visit:

  1. Please inform us prior to your visit and we will postpone treatment for any patient who has experienced or has been in contact with someone who has experienced COVID symptoms (fever, loss of smell/taste, difficulty breathing, fatigue) within 14 days of scheduled appointment.
  2. Our office will communicate with you beforehand to ask some screening questions. You’ll be asked those same questions again when you are in our office parking lot.
  3. Our scheduling of appointments will be in a manner that promotes social distancing and allows adequate time for us to disinfect all areas.
  4. We ask that you enter the office unaccompanied, if possible.
  5. Every person entering the office is expected to wear a face covering and asked to sanitize their hands immediately upon entry. There will be hand sanitizers throughout the office
  6. We will confirm the absence of fever with a digital contactless forehead thermometer and use Pulse Oximeter to check oxygen levels daily for our team and our patients
  7. We have removed magazines, coffee machine and water from the waiting room for sanitary measures.
  8. There will be a plexiglass partition in the reception to protect you and our team in the front reception area; communication is still encouraged.
  9. We have expanded our air filtration system with Medical Grade high efficiency particulate air/arrestance 13(HEPA 13) filter systems in every treatment room and waiting room. We will also have fresh air circulating throughout the office.
  10. Patients are provided with 1% hydrogen peroxide to gargle with prior to any work
  11. Every piece of equipment and instrument is meticulously sanitized and examined to ensure safety. There will be more disposable plastic barriers on the chairs and equipment.
  12. Team members will be wearing scrubs and more protective masks and gowns (PPE).
  13. Our main office sanitizers that we utilize are Cavicide and Cetylcide to assist in eliminating any potential bacteria or virus. Operatories and common areas will be fogged after each patient with HOCL (very safe and effective disinfectant against COVID-19 used in food industry and hospitals)
  14. We have minimized paperworks to fill out. All our HIPAA compliant forms are available on our website at where you can fill out then submit online securely prior to your visit

Many of our universal precautions existed at our office even prior to this pandemic to ensure everyone's safety.

We thank you for being part of our dental family and look forward to seeing all of you again!

Dr. Hong & TLC Dental of Rockland Team.